Paper Recycling & Shredding

Paper Recycling

For many companies, the accumulation of out-dated paperwork is an ongoing battle. However, at TDS Safeguard, we have decades of experience in paper recycling and have perfected our shredding service to ensure a smooth and swift service is delivered at all times.

We understand how important it is for a business to promote honesty and confidentiality. It is for this reason that we take such great care that any documents given to us as part of our paper recycling service are securely shredded before going through the recycling process.

We collect all grades of waste paper, including sensitive shredded documents, providing an efficient and environmentally friendly answer to your waste problems. The paper we collect is then sorted and sent to various mills where it is pulped, cleaned and remanufactured into new recycled products, ranging from kitchen recycling to copier paper.

With two days’ notice, our team are able to travel to your premises to collect your unwanted paper, transporting it to a secure area where all paper shredding is witnessed by an experienced member of our team. This gives you peace of mind that every single sheet is effectively destroyed.

Shredded Paper Recycling

Working along with our shredding services, we’re able to offer a secure specialist shredded paper recycling – to ensure that any sensitive documents are removed and recycled in the most effective and appropriate way after destruction.

We know that security is vital when it comes to the disposal of shredded sensitive and private documents, which is why we offer a specialist service that maintains this from the start to finish of document destruction.

Whether you require a one-off collection that takes place annually, or a more regular collection.

Useful Resources:

Resource Association – Recycling Quality Specifications

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