WEEE Schemes Forum Call For ‘Change’ In WEEE Recycling

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In recent months, many manufacturers have called for a ‘change’ in the way that WEEE Recycling regulations are administered. The WEEE Scheme Forum, who represent 26 of the 38 producer compliance schemes within the UK, has announced that it is looking to be more actively involved with the administration for regulations regarding the UK’s current WEEE recycling.

WEEE Schemes

The WSF announced that it intended to establish a legal entity allowing them to act as the operator of a number of new schemes, including the ‘Producer Takeback Scheme’.

This would include the administration of the allocation of collection facilities to these schemes. The department has outlined a range of possibilities making the industry take note, including;

• The introduction of a National Producer Compliance Scheme, as oppose to the current competition between compliance schemes.

• New targets for compliance schemes and ‘fees’ as oppose to the trading of WEEE evidence data between collection schemes.

• The matching of collection sites compliance schemes.

What Does This Mean?

Whilst the WSF requires the permission and backing on a number of governing bodies, such as the department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS), it appears the media spotlight really is on how WEEE recycling can be effectively and realistically governed.

What will follow will be detailed and thorough discussions as to what the future of WEEE Recycling holds for businesses and manufacturers within the UK. Be sure to watch this space for more updates.

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